There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

November 11, 2014

Sem Título

Work, work, work!
It all resumes to this, isn’t it? The last two weeks it’s been a ten hour wok per day and i am tired as hell! Thankfully it has ended and now back to the eight and a half hour daily work, but hell can’t wait for going back to what I was doing before the last two months, can’t wait for the end of the year!

But not everything is bad, I got the best girlfriend of the world, and I’m so happy in that department, we’re dating for almost three and half years and man these have been such great times in her presence! And things are going to be even better after next week because we’re going to live together finally!! Yeah you’re probably asking “only now?”, yeah because of work, we where living in different cities, only being together on the weekends, witch was crap, but things have changed and now finally we’re together for good!

Oh and I’ve noticed (not much time for passing by) that the blog has been created seven years ago, wow seven years! I was reading the entries I’ve made through the years, and it was funny to read all the chapters of my life that I’ve passed all the things that happened and how I grow up during them! I’ve passed from really bad moments!´

Four years ago, my mom have passed away, one year later my dad passed away it was some shitty times that I’ve been through that year and when I thought that was no bright light at the end of the tunnel, life showed me that I was wrong, that year I found the girl of my life, I’ve found happiness, I’ve found a meaning!

So remember, how bad your life is, how fucked up you think you are, don’t give up, don’t throw the towel on the floor, simply fight and rise because at the end there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and I’ve found mine three and half years ago when I was lost! Now, I can smile!

Thank you!

Goodnight everyone, it’s time to go to bed, I’ve go to be awake in five hours (yep I’ve to wake up at 4am).

Quest of Dororo

July 10, 2014


So I kind of like these browser riddle games, like notpron and others. So I saw this comment on my blog (more like spam) about this new riddle game called “The Quest of Dororo” so i decided to give it a try!

It seemed fun, the first levels are practically given to you for you to familiarize with the game, but then sh#t just got serious! The difference between this and other games, is that in this one for you to pass into next level, you have to put the answers in the text box, unlike others where you can pass to the next level by changing the link!
Oh and in here you have to register to play, calm down, it’s good because you can restart when you last stop coz’ it saves you level!

It’s fun, give it a try.

Quest of Dororo Homepage

If You Could See Me Now

July 1, 2014


“I see you standing there next to Mom
Both singing along, yeah arm in arm
And there are days when I’m losing my faith
Because the man wasn’t good he was great
He’d say "Music was the home for your pain"
And explained I was young, he would say
Take that rage, put it on a page
Take the page to the stage
Blow the roof off the place
I’m trying to make you proud
Do everything you did
I hope you’re up there with God saying "That’s my kid!"

I still look for your face in the crowd
Oh if you could see me now

Look way down the river … and you’ll see!

June 30, 2014

 Sem Título

“There ain’t no grave can hold my body down”

So, what’s up? It’s been more then two years since i came here from the last time. Things changed in some crazy ways in these years and time went by so fast.
Just stopped by to say hi and i’ll pass here more often from now on. Stay tune and i’ll bring you guys some new stuff!

Stay well and stuff like that! :p
See you guys!

thank you!

January 11, 2012

Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky Notes

“For the love you have given me
from the first day i came into this world,
your gentle hands were there to hold me,
shelter and cradle me with kindness.

As i grew you kept me from harm,
warm from the cold and shielded
from the pain of hunger.
You taught me to say the words "Mama", "Dada"
and much to your regret, "NO".

You helped me take that first timid step
and squeal with joy at the sight of silliness
and fuzzy animals.
As I grew from baby to child,
you stayed strong by my side,
kissing away boo boos and wiping away tears.

Fights with girlfriends and broken toys seemed insurmountable
until you patient voice calmed me.
Math homework, driving to places
helping choose the perfect clothes …
you did it all.

Never did I hear you commplain
or falter in your devotion to me.
Because of this, I’ve grown strong
and proud with your love
ready for a new journey in my life.

I have your guidance to lead me as
I follow the path.
I know your strenght and knowledge
will live with me.

Although words can never be enought
I will say them again,

Thank you mom.”

Yes, I’m still alive

April 14, 2011

Wow, since January I don’t post in here!
Sorry about that, hard days these ones, just hopping for better ones in the near future.

Anyway, expect new entries soon, I’ll let you know my new passion in these days.

Oh by the way, I saw that many people enter this blog by searching on Google about “Cloverfield 2”, so I’m sorry to disappoint you but the film has been delayed another time, this time for 2014. Seems that JJ Abrams wants to release some stuff before that. Oh well bad news for Clovie fans.

Ok see you guys soon, oh yeh I’ve changed the theme (a new breath it’s always good).

Blackout 4 Hungary

January 5, 2011

Help, I Can’t Stop laughing …

December 31, 2010

The best .gif on the internet …

Games like NotPron

December 10, 2010

Oh by the way, if you like these kinds of games, there’re hundred of them, you just have to look around.

But wait, I’ll do that for you, here’s a entry from a blog, that makes a list of them. Most of them are off by now, but there’s a lot in there that still work.

By the way, careful, the kind of games are way to addictive.

Check the list here!


December 10, 2010

Wow, I just hit a site I hadn’t visit in a long long time.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but it’s a browser game play site, where the objective is to reach the next screen. But for that you have to look for hints on the page, whether is in the url, the code, the image that appears etc.

It’s a really fun game and one of the hardest riddles available on the Internet.
Give it a go, try it and see how far you can go.

NotPron Website

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