One of those days ..

This was just one of those days we shouldn’t wake up .. that we should just stay there in bed looking at the ceeling ..
Or anywhere else where we couldn’t face life .. or people or whatever ..
Everything goes wrong in it, and you pass all day with that candid camera smile , you know, just for everyone else thinks you’re ok, and dont botter you with question you dont wanna answer ..

Sometimes i just wish i could smile and not faking it, could laugh with friends and family, going out and actually enjoying it .. Sometimes we look for some good news and they dont appear and that’s bad, ‘coz we need something to hang on and face everything that appears in the way .. but maybe that’s just asking for too much ..

And there i’ll go tomorrow, back to life with the same candid camera smile, and hopping that, that day pass quick..

oh and by the way .. if you want something .. you know where to reach me .. yes you!
No need to those things, didn’t even understand it .. didn’t know why you’ve done that ..
oh well .. ghosts bring so many memories .. some goods some bads .. but there’s one thing that can change .. and that is .. the feeling ..


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