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MTV – Hard Rock

July 29, 2007

Great pub from MTV, about how hard is rock .. very funny.


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July 11, 2007

Ok, like some of you have notice, the section about downloading the concert of Linkin Park at Oeiras, have been stop regarding to new songs to download.
The case is, that the server i was putting the songs up for you guys (and girls offcourse) download, was down for about a week, more or less, and now they are having problems to maintain the service up. So due to that it has being impossible uploading the songs.

If in this week the problem maintains, i will look for another server to put the songs up.
I dont like the situation less then you, it’s really bothering me, coz i started this section for showing to those who didn’t see the concert, to here have an opportunity to listen to it …

thanks, see you around.


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