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August 24, 2007

Hi there ..
I’m letting you know that i’m removing soon the festivals parts, because they’re over by now, and there’s no reason for keeping them there.
By removing that, i’m going from now on, to start putting free software in the blog for that you can download and use. It’s free so there’s no problem using it.

About “Chronicles of a Death Letter”, i’m sorry but i’m going to delay it. I’m starting working again on monday (period of training of the course), wich ends in the beggining of October when i return to the course, and i’ve been a litle sick this week, so no really good time to start that project, wich i’m really intusiastic to start.

I really like to take your attention for the “Song of the Week”, this week (week 30) there’s a great song of a great band dont know if you know them much but that’s a good band, try look something more about them and you probably like them.

And for finishing (i’m writting too much for someone who’s on vacation), a special thanks for those who wished me the bests on my birthday, thank you guys.

see you soon


Sweet August

August 13, 2007

Ohh the vacations are on the half by now, after a great week in Gerês, at north of Portugal, with friends, a very good place to spend some days and relax of the city stress ..

Anyway, the Linkin Park concert is full, you can download it, no songs missing, and if you noticed there’s a new part in the blog called “Chronicles of a Death Letter”, i will soon talk to you more about that, there’s no hurry on that cos’ in september i’m not going to have much time, so there’s no reason for doing it fast, so i’m going to do it slowly and try to put the first chapter this month.

Oh and today it’s my birthday .. so happy birthday to me lol
thanks to those who recall my birthday
see you soon ..


New Linkin Park Video – Bleed It Out

August 6, 2007

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