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Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day (new video)

October 17, 2007

Check it out …



October 10, 2007

So, i’ve been today watching both Grindhouse’s, Death Proof and Planet Terror, the first from Quentin Tarantino and the second from Robert Rodriguez, and i got to say that, both films are brilliant.

Most of the characters that enter Death Proof, enter Planet Terror, are known actors like Rose McGowan (that you recognize from Charmed tv show), Bruce Willis, Freddy Rodriguez (from Ugly Betty tv show), Kurt Russel, Zoe Bell , Jordan Ladd (from Hostel II), Vanessa Ferlito (from The Descent, Spider Man2, 24, etc), and many more famous actors.

Talking more about the films, well …
In Death Proof, we see a man (Kurt Russel), wich is a stunt man, and have a thrill for killing young girls in his car … until he meet the wrong persons ..
On Planet Terror .. well … i could say that it’s a litle like Resident Evil, lot of zombies, and blood, and a woman with a gun instead of her right leg, normal stuff (lol).

A real good thing about this two filmes, is that you see a lot of bad functions in the movie, like the tape went of, and stuff like that, very 60’s … very trash movies!

Spend some time and go see this two films, you dont regret and you gonna have a lot of fun.

Stay cool

Everest Ultimate 2006 / Driver Genius 6.1 > Portable

October 6, 2007

How many of you have to format your pc, or some friend pc, and got problems finding drivers?
This is a real bumper, cos’ many times, the windows installation doesn’t install all your drivers, and if you don’t have all the cd’s with you, well that’s a problem. Specially if you work in a Informatic store and you’ve got to spend hours looking for that drivers.

But i got a solution for you.
Everest Ultimate and Driver Genius, BUT, portable versions, wich means, you dont have to install the program, just run it!

Everest Ultimate 2006 Portable

what does it do:
– See all your hardware installed
– Download drivers
– See how your computer is doing


Driver Genius 6.1 Portable

What does it do:
– Backup your drivers
– Restore your drivers
– Download Drivers


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