I’ve watched this movie last night with a couple of friends, and i’ve got to say, this is fucking brilliant!!! I’ve got to say that i dont remember laugh so much because of a movie.

Ok, i know this is a horror movie, its true, but it has some magnificant parts, it’s like all the stupid things you can remember imaging a sheep do … they do. And i’m not kidding .. they even drive a car in the movie, how about that? lol …

Honestly this a really good filme to see with your friends, see if you can catch it on DVD, cos’ the movie is out for a few months already so i dont know if you’re gonna catch at the cinema.
Just take a look.

By the way, this last weekend i’ve watched Resident Evil 3 (Extinction) and it’s very good, a lot of great special effects, lots o characters from the last one, are back, Alice offcourse is back and better then never lol ..
So i recomend to you this two movies, enjoy and see you soon.



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