My new baby xDD ….

A Rockson LP-50 Black + Fame Megatone ML-20R 15 Watts, 1x 8″ Speaker Reverb


isn’t she beautifull?????

it’s time to play eheh


4 Responses to “My new baby xDD ….”

  1. Xon3 Says:

    is this your first guitar …. because i’m going to buy my first eletric guitar but i’m not shure if i should buy that one or a strat type guitar …. is that one a good guitar ? …

  2. devilevilgod Says:

    yes this is my first guitar. it has a good sound. its good for beggining. If you already play guitar, you should consider buying a better one, coz this one is good for learning

  3. Xon3 Says:

    yes this one is going to be to learn, then one day i’ll consider buying a better one .

    good luck on that guitar 😉

  4. devilevilgod Says:

    thanks 😉 … good luck for you too 🙂

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