New Portugal law – Stupidity

From this day on, the Portugal government declared that it was not permited to smoke on:
– Discos
– Bars
– Coffee Shops
– Restaurants
– Schools
– Jobs
– Governmental buildings

now, i’m a smoker i confess, i got no problem with that but (there’s always a but), it’s a racist law, i’ve got the same rights as the non smoking persons. I pay my buils, i pay my taxes.
But let’s see this on the other way, the government says that the cigaretes are bad for health, true. The non smoking dont have to breathe the smoke, true … BUT, how about other things??

When you go to a coffee, bar, disco, etc … and someone sit next to you with a awfull perfume? Do you have the right to kick her out? Call the police? NO .. you live with it, if you dont like you move … the same should be with smoking.
It’s just a stupid, racist law, from a government that instead of caring about the miserable condition of the country, just cares about interfere with other lives.

And this from a country that the prime minister dont even have a degree, and fire people from jobs (a teacher) that say something about him (will i gonna be fired from this blog?? hmm).

ps: how about hookers? can they smoke on their jobs?? hmm


One Response to “New Portugal law – Stupidity”

  1. Filipe Amaral Says:

    thats true, José Socrates tried to fire a teacher for a “joke”
    i dont cosider it racist, but in europe about 20 thousand people die because of smoke BUT they dont even smoke
    my country is a bit DUMB: in the new years eve, the ASAE president has been seen smoking (in a casino), and ASAE is responsible of this law regulamentation

    hookers CAN smoke, since they usually smoke OUTSIDE
    in CASINOS smoking is authorised
    awful perfume is not bad for health

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