So, i’ve just finished watching Cloverfield, and all i’ve got to say is that, this film is brilliant. It’s been a very very long time since when i had that strange feeling in my stomach, you know that feeling when you really get into the movie and get excited. And also there’s been a long time since a movie lift me off the chair.

The characters are well represented, the monster is very well designed as also the little creatures he drops (those little creatures are a little like “Starship Troopers“).
Also there’s a part (and without spoyling the movie) where you see the troopers attacking the monster, right before the main characters reach the subway, with tanks and rockets and machine guns, wich i loved. You really feel like you’re in the war, one of the best scenes for me. But the movie is full of amazing scenes, since NY burning, air shots, buildings destroyed and etc.

The ideia of you only see what one of the main characters is shooting made this film even more amazing, and also one of the things that made this work so well, is that basically it’s not about the monster. Ok it is about the monster but not in an obsessed way, coz you have a few free shots of the monster.

Enough of saying good things, how about the bad?
I’ve only found one bad thing about this. The runtime. Only 85 minutes, and 10 of them are for final credits. So its basically a 70 to 75 minutes film. It’s too short. But you rapidly forget about that.

For me, from 1 to 10, i give this movie a 9. I’ve loved so much, one of the best films i’ve watched in the last times.


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