I’ve seen this movie during this week, and this is the winner of this year festival FantasPorto.
At the beggining i was a little, i dont know, i didn’t captivated me. A little boring the first minutes, we’ve got a tour through fireman headquarters and so a little boring.

After that the action begins, i’ve got to say that if you’re looking for zombies like Resident Evil, forget it. Not even close (lol). But they got what it takes to call your attention.
It’s very like Cloverfield we see the movie from the camera man who is filming a documentary.

After 30 minutes of “bla bla bla” finally we have real action, and we have 4 ou 5 persons running for their lifes and then the best of the film comes.
The last 15m are brilliant. The environment is excellent. I dont want to spoil it so i’m gonna stop here.

At the end i can say that, from 1 to 10 i would say a 7.
It could be better if it wasn’t the beggining.


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