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new design

May 31, 2008

Like you have notice i changed the visual of the blog. I was a little tired of that old visual style , and i wanted something different.

I don’t know if you know about this blog for a long time, but in the beggining i used the image you see at the top but a little different. I decided to recapture that image and bring it back. This is a footage of actually two images. One for the background wich is the destroyed boat, and the other for the girl with the baseball stick covered with blood and the “cute” bear. It’s a little dramatic i know, but i really like the way the image had turn on.

So, i hope you like the new design, and see you soon.


OMG I’ve seen Rambo!!!!

May 28, 2008

If there’s something i hate, that is being sick! I hate being closed at home. I’m a person that every night like to go out with friends and have a coffee (during day i’m at work). And being sick i’m not able to do that, got to stay at home and rest for getting better fast.
So, in the last 3 days i’ve been at home (tomorrow going back to work), and i’m really getting on my nerves. This is getting me out of my mind lol.

Without having nothing to do, and tv during the week sucks hard (not that at weekend doesn’t), i went to my dvd case searching for some movies to see, and i’ve realized there’s nothing i haven’t seen. Wich was a big problem. So it was time to get some new ones, and it didn’t came to mind nothing new. So because i was so fragil due to the fact of being sick, what occured me. I want to watch the new Rambo movie. OMG.

And so i’ve seen it, and the problem is .. i’ve liked. I now feel i’ve reached the bottom of my life.

exhausted . . .

May 19, 2008

I’m tired lately …
I’m in the second period of training without vacations. Between that, 60km per day for 8h classes.
And i only have vacations now in August. I’m gonna die (lol).

I haven’t had much time to write here lately, most time i spend resting or with friends.
Basically my mind is still intact cos’ of the fact that i take at least half an hour per day for playing guitar.
It’s a very good “get away” of life and problems, in that time i’m playing i dont think in anything else. Speeking of wich, i’m really enjoying playing “Everybody Hurts” from REM. It’s not very hard to play and it’s a great song to relax.

Oh well, now i’m gonna eat something before going to bed, to see a new episode of Dr House and get some sleep before a new day of work.

By the way, finally the trailer of the new X Files movie “I Want to Believe” is out, you can check it out at here.

Stay cool, see you soon.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

May 8, 2008

Like i’ve writed a few months ago, recording to the new X-Files movie, now i wanna give you some more info about it.

In this movie, we’re gonna see the base characters that we were used to see. Scully, Mulder and Skinner.
In this movie, the storyline is like we were use to see in the episodes. A group of women were abducted in a rural place in Virginia and when the order and law in there doesn’t know what else to do, they decide to bring someone who can do something about it. Yep that’s right, Mulder and Scully.

There’s no trailer yet, wich is not usual, cos’ the movie has a release date for 25 July 2008.
Till then, trust no one. (lol)

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