I was re-watching Cloverfield, and at the end i remembered looking up for a sequel. I went at the IMDB and didn’t found a sequel, but on the message board they had a link for a website that people think it a was a viral.

So i went at the page, wich is called aladYgma and if you look at it too, you’ll see a black background with some numbers on it. But down at the page there’s “follow the whitespaces”, so if you do a key combination “ctrl+a” (select all), you see a lot of white spaces, and if you click on them you’ll see a lot of images and etc. In one of them you’re asked to enter a code and solve an equation. This got my attention so i went looking for some information about this aladYgma.

So i found on a page that this is a game created by 12 persons all over the world (and according to them there’s famous people included), and it tells a story about a boy who have disappeared, and they need you to help them find him (or something like that). Now, what is making people believing that this is a Cloverfield viral, is that appeared on youtube some videos of a man talking in german and doing some home video to send to his parents, and telling them about is new house, and he started notice some strange activity. Ok paranormal activity doesn’t have nothing to do with Cloverfield, but during the video you ear a noise just like the noise of the monster in Cloverfield.

So i look a further more, and i’ve found some more sites relationed with aladYgma, wich in one of them (1-18-08) we see a bunch of photos, and in one of them we see a big monster(?) blowed up on the beach, and some ships blowed up also and stuff like that. Wich bring us back a while, i dont know if you seen but a few months agora there was a film rolling on the net about cloverfield wich we see one of those oil bases on the ocean being attacked by something, could this be related?

Now, this really get my attention, but its late now and tomorrow i enter in the last week of period of training, so it’s time to sleep. I’ll get back at you as soon as i find something interesting.
See you.



2 Responses to “aladygma”

  1. huprra Says:

    J.j abrams, aladygma and befreiphone…what the hell is the meaning of this??

  2. devilevilgod Says:

    i really dont know.

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