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back in game!

September 9, 2008

Well the period of training is over. Since friday i’ve been in a little vacations, now tomorrow time to go back to school.
It’s gonna be fun see friends i dont see at about four months, get the conversation up to day.

Now i’d like to take this minutes of your time to tell you about some movies. In this few days of vacations i’ve got the opportunity to watch some movies.
So, Iron Man a must watch. Very good movie i was very suprised with this one. We have a good story, good visual effects, we laugh and we see great action scenes. Go look for the movie now!!
The Deaths of Ian Stone, well this one starts very well, but the last 25 minutes … well … not so good, but it’s worth to waste some time watching it!

Sukiyaki Western Django, this is one of the best movies i’ve seen in the last months. This is a story about … well i’m not gonna tell you (lol), just watch this movie you wont regret. Also Quentin Tarantino play a character in this one.

And to end, i’ve seen Pathology, well i didn’t liked it, in fact i didn’t ended watching it. Sucking story.

Now i’m hungry, gonna bite something, and watch Criminal Minds on tv.

See you guys soon.


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