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Whispers (part1)

November 23, 2008

Up in the Dark sky of Clouds
I hear a voice of a crow crying Out loud
The sound of pain and misery …
It’s raining outside
And Inside doesn’t seems to be the bright side
The sound of the rain when it hits the floor
It Sounds like Ghore …
The smell of death, the sound of fear
There’s not much life in here
These Acid questions in my mind
Could they ever be find?
As I lay here, I Consider my values
I consider my ideals, my plans … my life
I look back to what I have Done
And what I havent
The memorie, the feeling …
Does life has a meaning?!
It’s Dark … I’m Starting hearing Whispers
This voice … seems familiar
But I’m confuse … I wanna Reach It
I Wanna feel it, See It …
Who are you, What U want from me?
It’s Getting Closer …
Can this be Over?


here we go again …

November 16, 2008

So i’ve started a new period of training last thursday! It’s gonna be 4 months and a half working.
I’m not in the mood for that right now, but ok. The course it’s almost over, i’ve entered the last year, so next year by this time i’m graduated on informatic yeyyyyyy.

Ok, beside work, PES2009 rules, what a game, that as been my escape (lol).
I don’t have much to say, i just wanted to came here and say something, i promise that next time i post something usefull (lol)

Stay well

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