Whispers (part1)

Up in the Dark sky of Clouds
I hear a voice of a crow crying Out loud
The sound of pain and misery …
It’s raining outside
And Inside doesn’t seems to be the bright side
The sound of the rain when it hits the floor
It Sounds like Ghore …
The smell of death, the sound of fear
There’s not much life in here
These Acid questions in my mind
Could they ever be find?
As I lay here, I Consider my values
I consider my ideals, my plans … my life
I look back to what I have Done
And what I havent
The memorie, the feeling …
Does life has a meaning?!
It’s Dark … I’m Starting hearing Whispers
This voice … seems familiar
But I’m confuse … I wanna Reach It
I Wanna feel it, See It …
Who are you, What U want from me?
It’s Getting Closer …
Can this be Over?


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