OTK47.net back on game!

Ok, this is a project that had started about five years ago by myself, and nowadays i count with the help of two friends (and everyone else who wants to).
The OTK47 consist on bringing to you news and information about tecnhology, design, music, web design and stuff like that.

This team is not been the same since the begining, it started only with me, then came some friends, a year later they went out, for professional reasons, other friends came. So i guess it’s time to thank to all of those who went through this project that had started has “The Outworld”, than changed to “Outklan” and for two years is “OTK47”. We’ve stopped a few months ago for re-organization and we’ve come with an outstanding design wich all credits go to Tosh (check out the “About us” page at the site to learn more about him), he’s the designer.

So, i just want to ask you to check out this project, i’m sure you will enjoy it, and last a special thanks to all those who have been a part of this project for this 5 years.

OTK47 Homepage

Thank You.


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