Chronicles of a Death Letter

This is something i’ve intended to do last year but due to lack of time i didn’t.
But now, i think it’s time to go for it!

Ok, you’re probably asking what is it. Chronicles of a Death Letter, like the name say, it’s a letter wroted (i wont give the name yet) by “someone” to “someone” in form of goodbye.
And no, this isn’t based on me, i do not want to kill myself (lol).

I want to make of this a story, and write a litle. I don’t write for a long time and i feel like i need it, so it’s the perfect time to start again.
The first chapter isn’t finished yet, i have no hurry for finishing it cos’ i want it to be perfect. It could take a week, or two or maybe a month, who knows.

So, see you later.
Be good.



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