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The Killers in Portugal

January 25, 2009

The north american band comes to Portugal for their first time in Super Bock Super Rock festival.
The concert takes place at 18 July in Restelo Stadium, Lisbon. The band presented last year their 3rd Album titled “Day & Age”, from where came out the singles “Human” and “Spaceman” already.

Also notice, that the festival as already two more bands, Depeche Mode and Nouvelle Vague, wich will act 11th July at Bessa Stadium in Porto.
The ticket price is 40€. There’s also 1000 tickets for both days for 70€.


Sand Castles

January 18, 2009

“You secretly made
Castles of sand that you hide in the shade
But you cannot hold the tides that break them
And you build them all over again

You talk all these words
You make conversations that cannot be heard
How long until you notice that
No one is answering back”

All roads lead to Hell

January 5, 2009

It was just another monday morning, a cloudy monday morning.
The rise up, almost like knowing this would be the last day walking among the living.
Taking is breakfast, a cup of milk with some toast, waiting for the clock start ticking and touch the nine a.m..
The path as started as he walks is way, the light along the path starts to disapear and the darkness full fil the so short road. The walls start to sweat, the humidity among the walls is starting to notice more and more as the road comes to an end. The temperature drops five degrees in every step he takes, it becomes so cold that that the air expeled from the breathe turns into litle peaces of ice that cut like needles.
The road is almost at the end, every face seems the last that he will ever seen.

And so the moment comes, he has reached is destination, a small door expects him at the end of the road.
This is it, no way back now, time to open the door and face the battle hoping to survive another day.
Cos’ tomorrow, the cycle begins and all happens again, all roads lead to hell.

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