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My PC is Haunted

February 10, 2009

That’s true!!!!
For the last days when i’m wathcing tv (and this is true), i have the pc by my right side and i swear i see some shadows on my monitor time to times.
Please someone call “Haunted Homes” or “Ghostbusters” or Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Not forget to mention that my mouse also “walks alone” …

Yes i know, i’m just being paranoid!!
Too much TV!


Duffy joins Super Bock Super Rock 09

February 5, 2009


And she’s the 4th name for this year Super Bock Super Rock festival.
Duffy will play at 18 July in Restelo Stadium (Lisbon).
If i’m not wrong i thinks it’s also her first appearence in Portugal, so the Portuguese fans have now a chance to begging her for mercy.

Also to remember that The Killers will also play at the same day.

Metallica at Optimus Alive 09

February 5, 2009


And they are back.
In 9 July Metallica will play at Optimus Alive (Portugal). One year after their last appear in these lands they will return once more.
The Optimus Alive festival is beggining to take form. There’s also another band confirmed, wich is Dave Matthews Band, that will act at 11 July.

There’s also some rumours that Erol Alkan and Slipknot will also act at the Festival, but nothing more than that at this time.
More news soon.

We’re slaves!

February 3, 2009

It’s funny how we’re trapped into technologies. We’re completely dependent to them, no matter what people say.
For exemple last weekend there was no light at night. I completely went crazy. Without a computer, tv even telephone (out of battery). Come on, what is it supposed to a person nowadays do without electricity?

Wich is a stupid question i know. In the pass when there was no electricity people read in the light of candles, nowadays that look stupid.
So there i went, to bed with my mp3 player.

It’s completely impossible living in these days without electricity and technologies.

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