Metallica at Optimus Alive 09


And they are back.
In 9 July Metallica will play at Optimus Alive (Portugal). One year after their last appear in these lands they will return once more.
The Optimus Alive festival is beggining to take form. There’s also another band confirmed, wich is Dave Matthews Band, that will act at 11 July.

There’s also some rumours that Erol Alkan and Slipknot will also act at the Festival, but nothing more than that at this time.
More news soon.


2 Responses to “Metallica at Optimus Alive 09”

  1. P Says:

    Erol Alkan was the first artist to be confirmed last week. And Slipknot were confirmed earlier this week.

  2. devilevilgod Says:

    Both of them weren’t confirmed by “Everything Is New”, so i prefered not to say that they are confirmed!
    But yes, Slipknot confirmed on their website that they are going to be present at this year Optimus Alive!

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