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what a game …

October 29, 2009


What a game by Caroline Wozniacki this Thursday. She beat Vera Zvonareva in 6-0, 6-7 (3), 6-4.
During the game she was assisted two times and in the third set to treat her cramping left thigh, and she even collapsed in the court sobbing and clutching from both legs after netting a forehand in the last game.
But after all that she got back up and win. It was an amazing game.
I love seeing this girl playing, she as a great attitude on the court. I hope she fully recover for her next game tomorrow (30/10/2009).

Good luck girl! Go get them!

Watch the video for her final point here.


“I want to believe”

October 27, 2009

How good it is, to wake up in the morning, turn on the tv, and there it is.
The X Files on FX Channel.

It bring up so many memories. This is my all time favourite tv show, there’s nothing like all the enigma, tension, mystery the spooky creatures that appeared. It was like every episode was a movie.
But talking about this, and I wasn’t going to talk due to the fact it’s too soon, but there’s going to be another X Files movie. The movie is dated to premiere in 2012. David Duchovny said in an interview that he wanted to bring the good old days of the X Files to this new movie.

Can’t wait till then. But watching this episode this morning, make me wanted to pop up the X Files DVD’s I have in my drawer and rewatch them.
See you next time, and remember …. “trust no one”

3 weeks left

October 19, 2009

Well my course is almost over these are the last three weeks of it.
A lot of work going on from works to tests a lot of stuff to do. But after all these feels nice it was three long years and now it’s finally coming to an end.

But not everything is great, after all these years it’s going to be strange not being around people you’re used to be with. Friends you’re not going to see as much as you used to see.
But that’s life I suppose. And whatever happens after these three weeks I know I’ve met some great people in there, and could never forget them.

But changing theme, there’s some good movies out there now; District 9 is awesome what a great movie you must see it because you won’t regret it. Funny how aliens are portray.
Franklyn is also another good movie to watch, a little confuse but an amazing image done there by the director.
I’ve also followed on my breaks this new series that came out recently, FlashForward, and it’s being very catchy, a well written story and I just hope they don’t blow that up like it was made in Lost.

Anyways stay cool people.

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