Paranormal Activity

After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.
This is the story of Paranormal Activity.

Ok this is a movie that messes with people’s head. Don’t expect great special effects or something like that. This is plain and simple and that’s what makes this movie such a great one.
Returning to the story, this is a couple that moves into their new house, and they start feeling that something isn’t right, they feel like there was someone there, some spirit, they feel a presence in the house. So they felt that the right thing to do was buy a camera for recording the nights and see if it captures something. What was their surprise in the next morning when they see the tape; they got some movement in the house, their bedroom door moves during the night. So they call some ghost hunter or psychic to help them, but after he sees the tape he doesn’t help them. So it’s their fight against some presence.

We see this movie thru the camera that the couple bought and nothing more. It’s a great movie I really recommend to all of you that like this kind of movies.

By the way this movie was almost to not come out if it wasn’t for Steven Spielberg. He saw the film and recommended it to Paramount Pictures. It was also shot an alternative end to the movie suggested by Spielberg.

Now, go watch it.


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