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Paranormal Entity

February 26, 2010

A few weeks ago i brought to you a movie called “Paranormal Activity”. Now a movie came out called “Paranormal Entity”, the story is something similar to the other. In this one we a have a family (mother, daughter and son) that have lost the husband/father. During the nights the daughter starts to get attacked by some spirit so the son deicide to start recording everything.

So we see the next events through a camera held by the son and two other cameras in the house (one in the living room, the other in the daughter’s room).

It’s basically the same story that “Paranormal Activity”, but if you liked that one, you really should take a look into this. “Paranormal Activity” is definitely better but this one is interesting to.

See trailer here.


“What if?”

February 14, 2010

Has everyone ever have an “What If” moment? When you think to yourself “what if I had done that”.

We let ourselves lose that moment for regretting it later, in agony we tell ourselves we’ve made the right call, but no matter what we will spend our last days thinking “what if”. We have our wrong choices it’s true, but sometimes our choices don’t have a come back point and we must face whatever that choice brought to us.

Have you ever walk away and thought of looking back, but you never did? What if you had?

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