Cloverfield 2 in 2011!


It seems that now it’s official. Cloverfield will have is sequel.

There’s not much about it, only a date, it’s probably going to be released in 2011 according to IMDB.

There’s been some rumours about some viral stuff, one of them is this blog about this guy that talk about experiences and stuff like that. Some people believe this is part of the viral campaign, But, is it?

Coming from JJ Abrams we never know.
Check the blog here. 500Rads.


4 Responses to “Cloverfield 2 in 2011!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Damn… a sequel to Cloverfield? Even though there were a lot of haters to the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But what’s the sequel going to be? A different perspective to the same alien attacks? Or an entirely separate story-line?

  2. devilevilgod Says:

    I also enjoyed a lot this movie. it was a great movie. About the story, nobody knows yet. JJ Adams once said it would be cool giving the same history but from other perspective. But no one knows how it’s gonna be.

    I’m really excited to see this movie!!

  3. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    I really liked “Cloverfield” as well (until they actually showed the monster, and then I was disappointed, like I was with the aliens in “Signs”), but is a sequel necessary? I guess in theory 99% of sequels aren’t NECESSARY; I just hope this one adds something to the original or does something new/cool/different.

  4. devilevilgod Says:

    I agree with you @mcarteratthemovies; most of the sequels aren’t really necessary. But like they use to say, when it sells, make more to sell more.

    But also JJ Abrams always puts on a good show. let’s see what he can do with this sequel.

    (Ps: i only noticed now that i’ve called JJ Abrams, “Adams” in the last comment lol)

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