Festival: Rock In Rio 2010


City: Lisbon
Place: Bela Vista Park
Price: 58€ (1 day)


World Stage
May 21
(Shakira, John Mayer; Ivete Sangalo, Mariza)
May 22 (2 Many Dj’s; Elton John, Leona Lewis; Trovante; João Pedro Pais)
May 27 (Muse; Snow Patrol; Xutos & Pontapés; Sum 41)
May 29 (Miley Cyrus; McFly; Amy MacDonald; Dzrt)
May 30 (Rammstein; Megadeth; Motorhead; Soulfly)

Sunset Stage
May 21
(OqueStrada; Boss AC & Yuri da Cunha; Azeitonas & António Zambujo)
May 22 (Rui Veloso & Maria Rita + Toni Garrido; Tim & Mariza; Soulbizness & Zoey Jones)
May 27 (Jorge Palma & Zeca Baleiro; Expensive Soul & Bluey Incógnito + Omar; NuSoulFamily & Julie McKnight)
May 29 (Luis Represas & Martinho da Vila; Tiago Bettencourt & Tiê; Lúcia Moniz & Mister Lizard)
May 30 (Ramp & Hail; More Than a Thousand & Guess; Fingertips & Guess)


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