Games like NotPron

Oh by the way, if you like these kinds of games, there’re hundred of them, you just have to look around.

But wait, I’ll do that for you, here’s a entry from a blog, that makes a list of them. Most of them are off by now, but there’s a lot in there that still work.

By the way, careful, the kind of games are way to addictive.

Check the list here!


2 Responses to “Games like NotPron”

  1. dororo Says:

    A new online riddle game, DORORO:

    The game play is quite simple: you need to read all the hints and give the correct answer. The riddles are at random difficulty – this means that you will not go from easy to hard: you may find first 10 riddles easy, next 5 extremely harder, then next 5 medium difficulty etc. Solutions of the riddles are not similar – means that you will have to dig through different domains to find the right answer. You can read more on the game Hints page.

  2. Owen Westworth Says:

    The Guides:

    This cryptic mobile game consists of hundreds of extremely challenging puzzles, interactive ciphers and visual riddles. Each puzzle is more unique than the one preceding it and they’re guaranteed to pleasantly frustrate your wit and test your ingenuity.

    If you’re interested in NotPron but want to take the riddle with you wherever you go, The Guides is definitely for you.

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