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thank you!

January 11, 2012

Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky Notes

“For the love you have given me
from the first day i came into this world,
your gentle hands were there to hold me,
shelter and cradle me with kindness.

As i grew you kept me from harm,
warm from the cold and shielded
from the pain of hunger.
You taught me to say the words "Mama", "Dada"
and much to your regret, "NO".

You helped me take that first timid step
and squeal with joy at the sight of silliness
and fuzzy animals.
As I grew from baby to child,
you stayed strong by my side,
kissing away boo boos and wiping away tears.

Fights with girlfriends and broken toys seemed insurmountable
until you patient voice calmed me.
Math homework, driving to places
helping choose the perfect clothes …
you did it all.

Never did I hear you commplain
or falter in your devotion to me.
Because of this, I’ve grown strong
and proud with your love
ready for a new journey in my life.

I have your guidance to lead me as
I follow the path.
I know your strenght and knowledge
will live with me.

Although words can never be enought
I will say them again,

Thank you mom.”


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