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Almost here…

June 29, 2010


My new drum set is coming. Already in France, tomorrow in Portugal, Thursday in my house.
Oh yeh baby!!!


Fame Deluxe Set 5221, Black

June 28, 2010


My new baby, is coming!! Almost here!

Exam (2009)

June 15, 2010


What happens when eight talented candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation?

That is the question!

An magnificent and intriguing movie by Stuart Hazeldine, with Luke Mablym Adar Beck, Chris Carey, Colin Salmon among others.
This is definitely one of those movies that you may want to watch if you like movies such as “Saw”. A very minded movie.

Check out the trailer here!

“I want to believe”

October 27, 2009

How good it is, to wake up in the morning, turn on the tv, and there it is.
The X Files on FX Channel.

It bring up so many memories. This is my all time favourite tv show, there’s nothing like all the enigma, tension, mystery the spooky creatures that appeared. It was like every episode was a movie.
But talking about this, and I wasn’t going to talk due to the fact it’s too soon, but there’s going to be another X Files movie. The movie is dated to premiere in 2012. David Duchovny said in an interview that he wanted to bring the good old days of the X Files to this new movie.

Can’t wait till then. But watching this episode this morning, make me wanted to pop up the X Files DVD’s I have in my drawer and rewatch them.
See you next time, and remember …. “trust no one”

OMG I’ve seen Rambo!!!!

May 28, 2008

If there’s something i hate, that is being sick! I hate being closed at home. I’m a person that every night like to go out with friends and have a coffee (during day i’m at work). And being sick i’m not able to do that, got to stay at home and rest for getting better fast.
So, in the last 3 days i’ve been at home (tomorrow going back to work), and i’m really getting on my nerves. This is getting me out of my mind lol.

Without having nothing to do, and tv during the week sucks hard (not that at weekend doesn’t), i went to my dvd case searching for some movies to see, and i’ve realized there’s nothing i haven’t seen. Wich was a big problem. So it was time to get some new ones, and it didn’t came to mind nothing new. So because i was so fragil due to the fact of being sick, what occured me. I want to watch the new Rambo movie. OMG.

And so i’ve seen it, and the problem is .. i’ve liked. I now feel i’ve reached the bottom of my life.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

May 8, 2008

Like i’ve writed a few months ago, recording to the new X-Files movie, now i wanna give you some more info about it.

In this movie, we’re gonna see the base characters that we were used to see. Scully, Mulder and Skinner.
In this movie, the storyline is like we were use to see in the episodes. A group of women were abducted in a rural place in Virginia and when the order and law in there doesn’t know what else to do, they decide to bring someone who can do something about it. Yep that’s right, Mulder and Scully.

There’s no trailer yet, wich is not usual, cos’ the movie has a release date for 25 July 2008.
Till then, trust no one. (lol)


April 5, 2008

So, i’ve just finished watching Cloverfield, and all i’ve got to say is that, this film is brilliant. It’s been a very very long time since when i had that strange feeling in my stomach, you know that feeling when you really get into the movie and get excited. And also there’s been a long time since a movie lift me off the chair.

The characters are well represented, the monster is very well designed as also the little creatures he drops (those little creatures are a little like “Starship Troopers“).
Also there’s a part (and without spoyling the movie) where you see the troopers attacking the monster, right before the main characters reach the subway, with tanks and rockets and machine guns, wich i loved. You really feel like you’re in the war, one of the best scenes for me. But the movie is full of amazing scenes, since NY burning, air shots, buildings destroyed and etc.

The ideia of you only see what one of the main characters is shooting made this film even more amazing, and also one of the things that made this work so well, is that basically it’s not about the monster. Ok it is about the monster but not in an obsessed way, coz you have a few free shots of the monster.

Enough of saying good things, how about the bad?
I’ve only found one bad thing about this. The runtime. Only 85 minutes, and 10 of them are for final credits. So its basically a 70 to 75 minutes film. It’s too short. But you rapidly forget about that.

For me, from 1 to 10, i give this movie a 9. I’ve loved so much, one of the best films i’ve watched in the last times.

Linkin Park at Rock In Rio – Lisboa 2008

March 3, 2008

They’re back at Portugal once more.
Linkin Park confirmed their presence at the Rock In Rio – Lisboa 2008.

The band are gonna play at June 6, along with Kaiser Chiefs (for now the only two bands for that day).
Bringing their new album titled “minutes to midnight” for the second time in less than one year. They went last year to the Super Bock Super Rock Festival.

It’s great news to the fans.
Welcome back

in a bar – poster and flyer

February 25, 2008

So, i was asked by the owner of a bar, for making a poster with the program of the month, and a flyer. It’s a simple black and white. I’ve liked it a lot (but who am i to say it, if i’m the one who made it lol).
I was told for not using colors (i prefer working with colors), and to use a picture of a girl (march has the “woman day”), so i didn’t have much to choose.

Take a look:
(click on the images to enlarge them)



Oh by the way, come have a drink at the bar (no, i don’t pay nothing lol).

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007


Oh oh oh … Santa Claus is coming …
This is one of the best part of the year, where all the family are together, and all the gifts and charing, defenetly a season where the union and humanity impares.

So no more speech, i wish you all a merry christmas and hope that you can pass this night with all your family and the ones you love.

Merry Christmas

Diana Krall – Jingle Bells


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