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Guano Apes return to Portugal (2009)

March 29, 2009

Yes, this is true!
The band is going to re-group for this summer festivals, and will include Portugal as one of them!
It’s probably one last chance to see them live, because the band has split for about two years, wich time Sandra launched her solo career.

The band will act in Marés Vivas Festival on 17th July 2009.
For now there’s no other band confirmed or ticket prices.



March 18, 2009


That’s it! The final two days. In 48h my period of training will be over!
Thank God!!!!!
The clock does tic tac!

Almost there …

March 4, 2009

Well, my period of training is almost over, few more then 2 weeks till its over. I guess the countdown is reaching the end.
I’m anxious for it to finishes, i’m tired of it. People say that periods of training are good, cos’ we learn and shit like that, but, come on, i’m not being payed, and working without that, it’s bullshit.

So, lets hope that this last days pass quick, and the end come soon.
Because of getting out of work late, i’m not being able to do some stuff i’d like to, such as playing guitar and by ending the period of training and getting back to school, will give me time for doing things i haven’t had time before. And that’s good, plus i can spend some more time with friends.

So that’s it, less then 20 days now. The end is near.
See u soon.

The Ting Tings on Optimus Alive 09

March 1, 2009


This is for me the revelation band of last year. The “That’s not my name” band, come to Portugal for their first time (if i’m not wrong), to play at Optimus Alive 09. The band will act at Super Bock stage at 10th July.
In the same stage theirs also confirmed, Crystal Castles and Erol Alkan for 9th July and on 11th Los Campesinos.

For the main stage there’s new bands also confirmed, Metallica, Mastodon, Slipknot and Lamb of God (9th July), Placebo (10th July) and Dave Matthews Band (11 de July).

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